Web Development – An Introduction

Web Development is the process of designing, developing content, and configuring a website. In short, it involves all the jobs involved in creating and maintaining a website. This article aims to give you an idea about the fundamentals of web development. 

Frontend and Backend Web Development

Web Development is an expansive area, and it involves both frontend and backend works. So, let’s see how these are different from each other and which one you need to focus on? Frontend means what we see when we visit a website. It’s the interface the user experiences. Thus, making a website attractive and usable is the work of the frontend developer. The layout, graphic elements, innovative pictures and diagrams all are part of the frontend design. Typically, people with a creative or artistic bend of mind concentrate on the frontend development. After all, every website must look beautiful and attract people to it. 

However, behind this beautiful façade lies the base, on which the actual functioning of the website depends. The backend manages the massive database of the site. The backend developers usually possess solid mathematical or logical knowledge. They are supposed to be problem-solvers. 

So, which one should you learn? It depends on your abilities and purpose. If you are a person with a sharp logical mind, the backend may suit you better, and if you think yourself to be an artist, the frontend may suit you better. 

How to Learn Web Development?

You may be having many doubts in your mind regarding learning web development. You may be wondering whether to learn java or python for web development. We will try to clear at least some of your queries here.

The languages generally used by frontend developers are CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Main backend languages are Python, Ruby, and PHP

However, irrespective of your taste, it’s always best to start from the basics. So, initially, you must begin with either HTML or CSS, to understand the fundamentals of web development. After you get an idea about the process, you can decide which area to focus on and which web language to study. 

The best idea for web development study is to learn it from the web itself. If you do a Google search, you will come across numerous sites which will teach you HTML or CSS free of cost. 

If you want a more guided approach, online web development classes are available. You can also get some exciting free lessons on YouTube or join online courses from Udemy or Coursera. Whichever path you adopt, it’s your passion and dedication which matters. If you can spend a couple of hours every day to learn to code, you can make unbelievable progress in a short time. 

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be an expert to start building sites. You will learn more by doing things than attending courses. So, once you have got an idea about the basics, start building.

Usage of Templates

Templates are ready-made frameworks upon which you can build your own websites. Some of them are available for free, while some are payable. Templates make it easy for you to create a website fast. You will also get an idea of how professionals do these things. Even expert developers use templates when they don’t have either time or interest to develop sites from scratch. 

Why Web Development Learning Is Important

You may be thinking about why someone should study web development. The following are some of the reasons for which you may want to learn it:  

  • If you know the basics of web development, you can either develop your own web page or at least give inputs to a professional you are hiring. 
  • It will save some money if you can do it yourself.
  • If you are good at it, you can sell your services. 

Here are the basics of web development – now it’s your turn to make a choice and follow a career path you like most. 

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