The largest company Intel, which is located in America today, occupies a huge part of the microprocessor market and in total it is more than 75%. Moreover, the American corporation is constantly expanding the range of services, and therefore today Intel is engaged in the production of components for network, server and industrial equipment.

The history of the company

 Intel was founded in 1957 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. A year later, Andy Grove joined there, with whose name many company successes were associated. The corporation was officially registered in 1968. Then the creators and decided to do the release of RAM for personal computers.

Some interesting facts from the history

Like all successful companies, the way Intel was also far from easy. Here are some interesting facts from the history of creation:

The very first version of the company name sounded “N M Electronics.”. The letters “N” and “M” meant the names of the founders;

The first products of the company were watches. Yes, a simple electronic clock;

Intel has a tradition to produce its own champagne bottles in connection with special occasions or milestones.

The release of the first microprocessor and the development of Intel

The first microprocessor received the name “4004” and was intended for calculators. A little later, the world met with the second Intel microprocessor, known as “8080”. Since the beginning of the 90s, the company began to actively produce microprocessors, and already a huge number of computers were equipped with processors from Intel.

Intel Profit and Development

Not so long ago, Intel’s annual profit was calculated. During the year of the company’s activity, it turned out to be slightly lower than the forecasts were, and, taking into account previous years, it decreased by 25%. The thing is that users have decreased the demand for the use of personal computers, because now more preference is given to smartphones or tablets.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Intel has become a permanent partner of Apple. Mac computers are becoming the first machines to receive the latest processor models.

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